Kissing Cousins

I had been seeing this guy for about three months before we finally called it quits. We continued to be friends and talked regularly. I'm in college, so many times when I was home to see my old friends I would end up seeing him as well. As is to be expected, things would always end up in the bedroom. Well, I was at home one weekend and I ended up at his place with some friends. During the course of the evening, an older lady showed up. He introduced her as his cousin. I started getting sleepy, so I informed my friend that I was going to sleep. So, I went inside and crawled into his bed to pass out. A few minutes later, his cousin walked in and asked if she could borrow the bed because she "didn't have the chance to do this that often." Of course, I was extremely confused, but I left like she asked. I went back to the party and I saw my friend and her go inside together. Imagine my disgust when I figured out that he was actually sleeping with his forty-year-old cousin!

— Marley, 23

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