Warning Signs

I'll never forget this one. It happened about three years ago. I met this guy while I was bartending. Every time he bought a drink, he would break a $100.00 bill. Not to mention that he made sure I could see he was driving a BMW by waving his key chain around. That would have been enough for me to put him in the "probably not worth the time" list. I have come learn that most men who flash their money around in a bad way almost always have some underlining shortcoming that I don't want to end up psychoanalyzing. Surprisingly, this guy showed great manners and respect. We had an easy conversation and he was alright-looking. So, we agreed to go to dinner the following weekend. When he pulled up to my house, he showed up in a dilapidated, twenty-year-old BMW. Once in the car, he kept talking about the finer things to eat and drink. I realized that he had no idea what he was talking about, so I decided to call him out on it. When I began by mentioning the nicest places in our city that I actually frequented, and when I spoke of the extensive wine lists they carry, he fell completely apart. His demeanor totally changed and I noticed he got a little scared! I wanted to let him out of the hole he had dug himself into, so I spoke candidly with him. He quickly let me know that he didn't have much money on him. He was just trying to be something he wasn't and thought he could get away with it. I told him we could just go somewhere, anywhere, although secretly I just wanted to get the date over with. I think he was too embarrassed. You'll never believe where we ended up eating. At a buffet! I have never been a girl that looks at a man's car as I think that should be a really big warning sign to a guy if a girl asks about his car before she does his hobbies. Plus, I never had any expectations because I didn't really know him yet. It wasn't his key chain or $100.00 bills he broke at the bar that led me to go on this date with him. It was all the politeness in between that got him the date. It was too bad for him that he never gave me a chance, and that he never took the time to realize that I'm a really laid-back, realistic girl. I hope he learned his lesson. I did; never ignore the warning signs!

— Colleen, 26

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