Searching For A Friend

I'm pretty innocent, very nice, had just moved into a new town and had just made a new friend. The first time we met, Kenneth and I hit it off and exchanged phone numbers. I thought that he could just be my friend. After all, I was new in town. On our first date, we chatted and sang to each other at the park before dinner. Kenneth was the nicest and cutest guy I ever thought I could meet. My trust for Kenneth grew after hearing about him. He was the one who called everyday, and it came to a point where I met his uncle, then his parents, and then his brothers. I had a crush on him, but I was cool with just being friends. He said that he wasn't ready for a relationship and, of course, I didn't want to be with anyone that wasn't. Then he said he liked me. After a month of hanging out with Kenneth, things felt weird. He was getting serious but still didn't want to have a girlfriend. He wasn't the only guy who liked me, and I was new in town and just wanted to make new friends. I soon had a group of friends in school and around town, but I kept close with those who I had already known from my childhood. As I was walking around the mall one day, I noticed two guys following me but I didn't think much about it. After another month had passed by, someone from the same town as me sent me a message online. His name was Roger. We soon met, and I was surprised to learn that he only lived two blocks away from me. Before I met up with Roger, Kenneth called me but we didn't chat long. Roger was having a barbecue with his closest friends, and we drank a little. After a few hours passed, Kenneth called me again but I didn't answer. I was having fun with people who I thought I could be friends with for a long time to come. Anyway, when we had finished eating Kenneth called me again. I answered this time to tell him to call me back later because I was hanging out with some friends. While I was on the phone out front, Roger followed me and blurted something out saying he knew who I was talking to. I didn't stay much longer after my phone call with Kenneth. Roger and I continued to chat online. When my birthday came around, Kenneth and I went to the movies with some of our friends. Kenneth and I made out in the theater and in front of his house. I liked making out with Kenneth on my birthday, but things continued to become weirder with him. Kenneth started to chat with me at the same time Roger was in the chat room. I soon noticed different people following me when I was driving alone. I came to find out that Kenneth was using Roger's screen name online to chat with me. I learned that the whole thing about me meeting Roger was just a part of their game. The close attachment that Kenneth wanted me to have towards him soon faded away as we started to grow apart. I had wondered why he changed and why people were following me. The part about people following me around escalated to people harassing me over the phone, to harassing me online, and Kenneth knew about this the whole time. His friends didn't want me to be with him so they were trying to scare me off. So, I no longer wanted to hang around Kenneth. Soon whatever feelings I had turned into confusion and sadness. After I had nothing to do with Kenneth anymore, the harassment grew stronger, even to the point of my doctor telling me that I have depression. It was never the same car or person, and it would only happen when I was alone. I told a friend of mine about people following me and she talked to a few people around town. She learned that what I noticed was true. The people would laugh at me and say nothing but false things. No one could really help me. The only advice I got was that these people were just harassing me for fun and that I couldn't really do anything about it until they found someone new to do that to. Kenneth chatted with me four months later and still acted as if he never did anything wrong. He never cared about me. He just let his friends harass me and never did anything to stop it. So from that time on, I have stopped using that screen name, and I changed my phone number so that Kenneth, Roger, and their friends could no longer have any way of reaching me. Ever since then I have been happy and no longer feel depressed. I no longer care about Kenneth because he is nothing but trouble. I have to move on and stop caring about his friends who try to get into my skin and find new friends instead.

— Karin, 20

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