I went on a date to an outdoor concert. The tickets were all the same price, $60.00. My date asked me to pretend I was his sister in case someone asked. He told me he got free tickets from a friend who was working backstage. We got in line to buy drink tickets, and he waited for me to pull out cash. Then I asked how many he was going to buy. He allowed me to pay for my two drink tickets and then put his money away. He already had a couple of free drink tickets he used for himself. Afterwards, he wanted to thank his friend for the tickets. So, we went to a market. My date asked me if I wanted to contribute. When I said I only had a credit card and no cash, he said he would give me the cash if I charged it. Needless to say, I'm still waiting. What a loser. He was absolutely the cheapest date in history.

— Hope, 21

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