Simply Not Worth It

I was being nice to this guy, but it turned out he might have thought that I was desperate to be with him. Well, I was so naive and I jumped at the chance to get into the sack with him. It lasted about four months. He had nothing but excuses, and then I came to my senses. He had been brushing me off to the side. I asked him at one time, "Are you using me?" He denied it. So, I believed him. Then, he took me out. He confessed over drinks that he is only using me just for sex. The next day, I thought I was pregnant with his child, but it turned out negative. After that, he gave me another brush off. I thought he was seeing another person. Turned out, he is a total jerk. Why I didn't see it in the first place? I thought he was interested in me, not looking at any chance for getting a piece of ass. I gave him one last phone call to make amends and he was out many times. So, I decided to he wasn't worth it after all.

— Danielle, 23

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