Dating Blow-up

This happened a few years ago. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years and decided to leave the state to go visit an old friend and her boyfriend. Once there, they both seemed to think I needed to be set up with someone so that we could double date. I was adamant that I was not interested in anyone. However, my friend was whiney and she was torn between spending time with me and her boyfriend. So, I accepted, but made my friend promise to not pick out someone gross. The guys showed up, and my date walked through the door. I could have died right then and there. I wanted to barf, the guy was so ugly. He was short with a greasy, curly mullet. He was wearing a neon green tight tank top and had zits all over his back and shoulders. He had body odor and really long, black hairs peeping out from his armpits. He had on really short jean shorts, and he topped off his outfit with a real special green ankle bracelet. I had never seen a guy wear an anklet! I ran to the next room with tears in my eyes and begged my friend to send him home. She refused. To save our friendship, I once again agreed that I would go but against my will. We got outside to his vehicle. I really couldn't tell what kind of car it was supposed to be. His car wasn't painted and was wrecked in many places. It had rust on it, the windows were broken, and the whole car smelled. The poor guy smelled so badly, and I was so frustrated that I refused to sit up front with him. So, the guys sat up front and the girls were in the back. I began to get a headache immediately, and I was mad at my friend and the poor ugly guy for even existing. I never spoke to him the whole time. We drove around trying to find a place to eat, and I started to get sick and complained more about my headache. Finally, the first words my smelly, ugly date said were, "Why don't we just take you back to the house since you are so unhappy?" I quickly agreed. The guys dropped us off and, as they drove down the road, we heard his car blow up. I don't know much about cars, but what I was told later was that the smell that gave me the headache had something to do with the explosion. Everyone was okay and, thankfully, the two weeks I was in town I never had to see the guy again. He also said I was the biggest b****h he had ever met.

— Elena, 25

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