The Loser's Long Gone

I cannot help reading any information regarding conmen, or marriage disasters, etc. I was married to one myself after meeting him online. Oh, he was good. He must have been. He moved on rather quickly, convincing another woman to marry him only one month after leaving me. How does he do it? Are us women that vulnerable? Or, is it that this man thinks so little of himself that he has to destroy women because he thinks they destroyed him? I was his sixth wife, and he has not even paid for our divorce. I still am trying to regain myself and get out of the debt he put me in. He does not work. We women support him with food, a roof over his head, an automobile, gas, smokes, clothes, and anything and everything else to make this not-so-wonderful man happy. He makes women fall in love with him only to destroy our children, us, and our extended families. A year later, I am still trying to pick up the pieces while he has moved on to his next wife and destroying yet another innocent woman. I know no one could tell me what to do or anything bad about this wonderful man when I met him. I would not have believed them. Even after finding out the hard way, it still took me a while to realize there are these kinds of people in our world. I wrote a blog on the internet about him in hopes that anyone who meets him will know exactly who and what he really is. He still emails me and wants to get together and screw. Screw up who, his now wife? Yes, he had an affair not more than two months after we were married. I was single and well to do for nine years. I owned my home, two cars, bank accounts, a state job, along with having three major illnesses. Now I am down to no job, losing my home, and where is he to help out? Long gone, of course. I still cannot get over it all, that I allowed someone to do this to me and treat me and my child this way. It's just unbelievable. Women, beware of more like him.

— Janine, 34

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