Pay Him No Mind

I met this guy online one day. I was bored that day, so I went into a chat room. Everything was cool. We talked and joked around, so I went and put him on my buddy list. Well, for a few weeks we talked over the computer and on the phone. Everything seemed to be going nicely. One day, I told him to come over to my place. So, he did. We chilled and talked about almost everything, but then I noticed that wherever I went he followed me. What scared me the most was when I went to the bathroom and he asked me if he could go with me. I told him no. So, when I went back to the living room, I told him that I had to go out. That was the only way he would leave. So, I took him off of my list, but he still can see me get online. He still calls my house. I tell him to leave me alone, but he doesn't. So, I just don't pay mind to him.

— Kelli, 20

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