Forget The Fix-Ups

Never let someone fix you up on a date. One day, my sister fixed me up with this guy. He was okay looking. Well, when I asked him how old he was, he told me that he was nineteen. So, I said okay. Well, we talked for a few weeks and everything was good. We even went out to the movies. We kissed and joked around. Then I noticed something was wrong because every time I asked him if he wanted to go out and do something, he would tell me that he couldn't. So, one night while we were on the phone, he told me that he had to tell me something important. He wasn't sure how to tell me, but he finally did. He admitted that he was not nineteen, but that he was really only sixteen going on seventeen. So, I freaked out. He asked me why I was freaking out. So, I told him that I was a thirty-year-old woman talking to a sixteen-year-old boy. Ever since then, I have never let anyone fix me up.

— Dianna, 30

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