Blind Date a Bust!

I went on this date once with a guy named Josh. It was a blind date one of my friends set up. I still can't believe she thought this guy was right for me! First, on the phone, he asked me if I could meet him at his house and then we could go to the movies from there. So, I said okay and drove there. It turned out that his mom was going to drive us to the movies! I mean, we were both in our thirties! Anyway, I said I'd drive and told him he'd better get ready because the movie would be starting soon. He told me he was ready, which was kind of a shock because he had on these dirty clothes, and his face and hair were filthy. Then he decided to go change his clothes, and I breathed a sigh of relief, that is until I saw him! He had on polyester pants and a polyester shirt that looked like something out of a bad movie from the seventies. I wanted to die. But, we went to the movies anyway, where he let me pay for the tickets, of course. It was the longest movie of my life, let me tell you. I don't even know what we saw. I was just worried that someone I knew would see me with this guy. Needless to say, I declined his offer for dinner and dropped him off at home never to see him again!

— Sissy, 32

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