He's Just Lucky

I met a guy online who, although much younger than me, insisted on pursuing me. He promised to bring a bottle of wine if I cooked dinner. He drove about ninety miles to come to my house but had conveniently forgotten the wine. Earlier, I had asked what he liked to eat and he said, "Anything," which was a lie. He later admitted to being an extremely picky eater. So, after complaining about dinner, he started aiming directly for sex. He didn't even pretend to be interested in anything else. He didn't kiss me. He didn't thank me for dinner. He did absolutely nothing. Then, after I tossed him out and told him that I didn't intend to see him again, I got an instant message from him a week later. He called me "babe", and again asked me for sex! He's just lucky that all I did was throw him out. I would have preferred to drop-kick him into oncoming traffic.

— Renee, 48

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