Scandal Without Sex

I had known this guy for years. He was married, so it was strictly platonic. Then I saw him necking with a strange blonde at a party. Since the room was full of people who knew him, and his wife was in the next room, I assumed he had an open marriage. I thought, "That's available? Cut me off a piece!" We hung out together on and off for a couple of years. We did a lot of necking, but no sex. As it turned out, he was totally impotent. Then, one morning, he phoned me and told me that he had "confessed everything." I wasn't too worried about it since we hadn't had sex together, and he had lots of other girlfriends who everyone knew about. I was wrong. His wife was pathologically jealous, and he not only told her that we had been sleeping together, but also said that I had seduced him against his will! I lost my job because of the scandal, and most of my friends as well.

— Roxanne, 32

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