Some People Don't Get Enough!

I met a bouncer at a cool club in the city. He seemed pretty normal compared to the rest of the clientele there. He was a little intense but nice enough. He stayed at my side the whole evening, totally shirking his duties as bouncer. After my fourth drink, I decided not to concern myself about it. I agreed to see him again. He lived out of state and told me it would take him a while to get to my house. I said fine and went to my room to pick out an outfit. Not even thirty seconds passed, and my doorbell rang. He was at the door! I was completely floored because I live near the island. It takes forever to get to my house from anywhere. Disturbed by his presence, I nonetheless consented to start the date. We went to dinner. It was fine, nothing remarkable, but again after a few drinks, it was tolerable. He began to tell me about "our future", which disturbed me even further and made me really uncomfortable. It was only our second encounter! I knew it was time to go home, so we left and he dropped me at my door. I invited him to use my restroom since I knew he had a long trip home in front of him. Little did I know that the "trip" would begin right there! I went up the five steps to my doorway and looked back at him to determine where he was. For some ungodly reason, this man lined himself up at the curb and took a running start for the stairs. I moved out the way and watched as he fell in slow motion UP the stairs! Did I mention this guy was about 6' 5" tall? There was no way to contain myself. I absolutely died laughing! I slithered to the floor in a heap and continued laughing at him for about two minutes. Suffice it to say, there was no second date! Strangely enough, he still wanted to go out again.

— Suzanne, 23

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