Dumped By Both

This happened a few years ago. I met the Fed Ex guy when he was delivering a package at my apartment complex. We chatted, and he had mentioned a bad hip injury that needed surgery. I am a nurse, so I immediately fed him a lot of knowledge. I was attracted to him as he was to me. He ended up asking for my number, and I gave it to him. Keep in mind, I had recently broken up with my ex of twelve years and two children. The ex was cheating but had convinced the kids that all men I dated were evil and that I was the cause of the break up. Well, he took me on one date to meet his mom. We went to a concert the next time. We went by train. Some odd balls are usually on the train and I, being an exhibitionist at times, began to touch him. We began to kiss and pretty much go at it to the max, not caring if anyone was watching or anything. We nearly had sex. He drove me home, and my son was there. His dad had dropped him off. This Fed Ex guy said hi to my kid. My kid sneered and called him a jerk. Then he cowered behind the couch and started to behave like he was being beaten, hitting his own head against the wall. This guy had three boys, and we had been looking forward to the boys being friends. My son must have blurted out every cuss word ever known and then was calling me a slut and citing things about the boyfriend prior to this Fed Ex guy. This was a bit too much. He left and then called and told me I should take my kid to a psychiatrist or something. He did not call back. This was such a let down and an embarrassment. When I had left to go on this date, my on-and-off-again-since-ending-marriage boyfriend was fixing the toilet for me, which my oldest son had blown up by putting firecrackers into the bowl. Well, I lied and did not tell him where I was going. I admitted it later, and he broke up with me. I was dumped by both guys. However, the memories of the train still put a twinkle in my eye. I know he would have been an awesome lover.

— Sharon, 31

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