A Date Who Hasn't Grown Up

I met his guy at a swing dance event. He seemed nice at that time, so we exchanged email addresses. He emailed me a couple of days later to ask for a date. So, I squeezed him in on a Wednesday night. He said he had just moved to the area last month and that he was not familiar with the area. He asked me to pick a restaurant. So, I did. I gave him the directions to the restaurant. Since it is a popular place, I suggested that whoever arrives first should sign in so to minimize the waiting time. There was a lot of traffic on my way. I arrived ten minutes late. As soon as I walked in the restaurant, I saw him standing there. I asked, "Have you signed in?" He said, "No." I asked him why he hadn't. He said he wanted to wait until I arrived. He just wasted ten minutes of precious time because there were so many people walking in at the same time, and there was a long waiting list. So I said, "Let's go sign in before the line builds up." I walked to the hostess and told her my name. My date was hiding right behind me, speechless. I had to do all the work. I even had to get the walky-talky for him so that the hostess could call us on the radio should a table become available. So we had forty-five minutes to kill. We went to sit down on a bench in the lobby of the shopping mall. I tried to utilize the time to communicate with him. I asked basic questions about his family, job, hobbies, etc. There was not one question he didn't answer without flushing. His face was as red as sun burn. I couldn't believe a man of his age (probably in his fifties) could be so shy. After the hostess called us saying our table was ready, again I had to lead the way back to the restaurant. He again was hiding behind my back all the time. The most embarrassing part was when we were trying to place an order. He couldn't make up his mind what to eat. I had to give him suggestions as to what he should order. He finally said, "I don't know what's in it." I said, "Well, then raise your hand and ask the waitress." He said, "I don't want to bother her." What kind of answer was that? "That's what a waitress is here for, to explain what's in the dish for her customers." I just couldn't stand it, so I called the waitress for him. And then he asked her the question. During dinner, when I tried to communicate with him, his face kept on flushing. It was impossible to have a normal conversation. I didn't feel like I was going on a date with a man. Instead, it was more like I was going out with a little boy. After the dinner, I went home. He emailed me and said he wanted to see me again. NO WAY. I won't waste another minute with this boy. I want a man, and I want someone who knows how to lead.

— Suzette, 39

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