Would You Believe?

My boyfriend and I had lived together for a few years and had two children. But due to circumstances, we rarely had the opportunity to go out together. He was in his late twenties. I was nineteen. He was the lead singer for a band that played in local clubs, and I was too young to get in. By the time I could, we were usually too broke to afford a babysitter. So, I was excited when I had a chance to go see the band one night while his mother was visiting from out of state. I'd always liked her, so I didn't mind. But at the club, my boyfriend kept watching a pretty woman with long blond hair and a very short red miniskirt. I was getting annoyed by his lack of attention to me and the suggestive jokes he made about her. But later, when I went to use the restroom, things came to a head. As I was finishing in the stall, a couple of women came in, chatting amiably. One said, "Well, his name is (my boyfriend's name) and he's meeting us at the party later." I left the stall and discovered it was the same woman speaking. I told her he was not going to be meeting her if he wanted to see his children again, and so she probably shouldn't hold her breath. Would you believe; HE got furious with ME for intruding on his band's success because he had to be the front man? (Would you also believe he's my EX now?)

— Alyssa, 30

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