Scarred For Life

I met this guy online and chatted with him over the next two weeks. He seemed nice enough, so I invited him to come to a party with me. He did live two hours away, but he seemed quite fine with driving to see me. I saw a picture of him that looked okay. As I waited outside for him, I saw this short, long-haired guy with leather pants. Then the worst came. I saw his face, and yikes! He had the worst case of bug eyes I've ever seen! They literally looked like they were about to pop out of his head. And his jaw was all uneven. Feeling responsible for getting myself into this situation, we continued to the party. Well, not only was he hideous, but he would not stop trying to grope me below the belt in front of everyone. So, I got hammered that night and did have sex with him. Afterwards, he told me he loved me. This freaked me out! I hardly knew him. Plus, he was gross-looking and way annoying. I was still intoxicated and at the party, but I needed out. I told him I had to grab some CDs from my car, and I sped off. That whole night he called me approximately fifty-seven times and left twenty-three voicemails. Finally, I called him back but just to tell him I didn't appreciate him giving me a phony picture and to tell him that he was the ugliest, most annoying person I'd ever met, that I never wanted to talk to him again, and then I hung up. He still called. So, I had to block his number and change my username. This one was whacked! I'm still scarred for life that I even kissed him!

— Cassandra, 26

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