New Kid On The Block

This is when Hurricane Katrina happened and some of New Orleans people came to live in Mississippi. My ex home girl lived right next door to me. She was bragging on her new New Orleans boyfriend. She was trying to describe him to me, but I couldn't ever get who she was talking about. So, I was flirting with this New Orleans boy the whole time not knowing it was her boyfriend. The time came to where we flirted everyday and got very close. He came over to my house, and we did something! Time went by, and we were still getting closer and closer. Then I finally saw him walking with my next door neighbor, my home girl at the time. I was very shocked to see that she was going with the New Orleans boy I just did the nasty with! To make a long story short, we are not friends anymore, and the boy moved to Dallas!

— Kendra, 19

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