Still Crazy For Him

I went on a blind date once with a guy who seemed really nice. We were eating at this nice place. When he stood up to use the men's room, he kind of caught his pant leg on the table and ripped his pants badly. He sat back down and put a napkin over things, but it was still obvious what had happened. He asked me if I would mind leaving and going to his place so he could change, and I said no. So, we walked to his place, which was about four blocks, and the whole time his package was showing. I couldn't help myself. I kept staring! By the time we got into his apartment, it was driving me crazy. So, I "helped" him change his pants, and we wound up having the best sex ever. I never left because we got married four months later! We still have awesome sex, and for our last two anniversaries, I have torn his pants and we go out walking. It always makes me crazy for him!

— Gloria, 26

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