Paid In Full And Over

As a professional videographer, I was working on shooting a TV episode. I did not know that the "guests" at this show had paid $100.00 each to the show's producer in order to be there, to participate. Near the end of the job, I was approached by one of the "guests". The man introduced himself. Eventually, I agreed to go on a date with him. The man was a high-ranking professional and well-to-do. When he called later to make the date arrangements, I had second thoughts. He's like, "I paid $100.00 to meet you!" I told him I just worked there and that I was sorry since I didn't know people paid to be there. Feeling bad, we went on our date to a restaurant with outside seating. Much of the time at the restaurant, this man talked about the couples walking by; how they looked together, which women were too fat, which people didn't dress right, etc. Finally, he says to me, "If I had to marry a brunette, I would marry her," referring to the cute and very young hostess. As if this was not enough, this man owned motorcycles. When we went to ride, he absolutely insisted that I wear his coat, which was not clean. It smelled! Even though I had brought two of my own leather coats, he insisted that I wear his. I have not been on a date since! That was two and a half years ago!

— Jenna, 28

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