Too Much To Handle

I thought I had found the perfect guy in Darrin until we went back to his place once to watch a movie. It was the first time I had been there. I knew he had a roommate and when we got there, the roommate was sitting watching TV in the nude. Darrin explained Bud was a nudist and that it didn't mean anything sexual at all. I was a bit uncomfortable, but decided I could handle it, so I sat down and got ready to watch the movie. As Darrin came back into the room to put on the movie, I saw he was nude, too. He said he thought we were serious enough that he could tell me. It was a bit of a shock as this was only about our third date. Again, I decided I could be an adult and handle it. We were watching the movie, which had some steamy scenes in it, and during one, I glanced over at Bud and noticed he was pretty excited by the movie. Then I looked at Darrin and saw the same thing. I thought, "Wow, too much information," and made my excuses to leave. I guess I couldn't handle it after all.

— Rachael, 23

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