Long Chase

A few years ago, I met this girl at a Christmas party, and we hit it off. Finally, after Halloween this year, she agreed to a date. Yes, I chased her that long! On our first date we went driving through Times Square, and the car tires chirped on some wet metal plates. Well, that was too much for the NYPD, and they pulled me over. Believe it or not, I could read their lips from my rearview mirror: seven suspensions. Yep, that's me. In New York City they don't just give you a ticket for driving with a suspended license. So I emptied my pockets, told her where the parking garage for my car was, and the cops led me away in handcuffs. Everything worked out perfectly after my night in jail, and we still dated for a few months after that. She still tells the story about how that was her most interesting date.

— Harry, 42

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