Bring the Crab

I met this very attractive young woman at a nightclub. We hit it off and danced all night, kissed several times very affectionately, and, I thought, spent some quality seductive time with each other. I had asked if we could hook up later that week to take up were we had left off. We agreed to meet at this very upscale and expensive restaurant. Well, the conversation started very nice with some kissing before we reached the table. During the conversation, she mentioned that we are not going to be more then friends and that a sexual relationship was out of the question. I feel I am an attractive and secure man, in tune with my surroundings; and felt this women was a little off her meds. When the waiter came, she ordered one of the most expensive items on the menu. I ordered as well, but about five minutes later, I slipped my phone into my napkin and slid it into my lap. I proceeded to make excuses to use the restroom. At this point, I slipped the waiter a twenty for inconvenience and canceled my order, but I did tell the waiter to bring her the crab.

— Will, 34

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