Stood-Up For A Jailbird

I recall this woman. She was very blond, very voluptuous, beautiful, with a warm, engaging personality. We talked a few times, and I felt what I thought was chemistry with her. We went out for coffee a couple of times and a movie once and then dinner once. We were comfortable enough, I thought, that I invited her to my place for a nice dinner. She seemed flattered and happy to come over. We set a day and time. The time came and went, and she didn't show up. I waited for twenty minutes or so, and then put everything in the oven to "warm", poured myself a drink, and waited some more. About ten minutes later, I tried her home number but there was no answer. So, I left a message saying that I assumed she was on the way. She didn't have a cell phone. Anyway, to make a long story short, I eventually gave up, ate dinner, had a couple more drinks, and felt my feelings range from worry that something had happened to her (i.e. a car accident) to being frustrated and peeved that she hadn't called. I tried her number a couple more times and then finally, some time after 11:00 p.m., she answered the phone, all sweetness and talking as if nothing had happened. I said, "What happened? We were supposed to have dinner here, remember?" And she said, again, in a voice that was all sugary and sweet, "Well, I didn't want to tell you because I thought you'd get upset and wouldn't understand, but my ex-boyfriend just got out of jail and I really wanted to spend time with him tonight. Maybe we can get together some other time." By this time I was really peeved, not to mention half in the bag from the wine I'd drunk, so I just said, "Like there's going to be another time!" and then I hung up on her and ignored the bimbo's calls. I finally had to turn my phone off because she called me five or six times over the next hour.

— Maurice, 28

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