Does Love Conquer All?

Relationship problems? Maybe your relationship is troubled by society's discomfort with the fact he's your dad's best friend? Or she's a college coed you met in class...the one you were teaching? Or, heck, maybe it's just that your sweetheart is a dog person and you're more into cats? Whatever your ills, you can get through it because you really love each other, right?

Not so fast. This week, we ask:

Can reality work like a romance novel? Does love really conquer all?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.Sure love conquers all - in the movies. For those of us firmly planted here in reality, that's just a load of wishful thinking that will only lead to heartache. Just the act of being in love isn't enough if you don't deal with your problems or don't agree on where your lives and relationship is heading. It isn't "love" that overcomes disagreements, rifts and sticky situations, it's plain old hard work and communication.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.It doesn't pay the rent. It doesn't shrink a fifteen-year age difference. It doesn't even guarantee a lifetime of decent sex. Okay, so maybe love doesn't conquer all. But every one of us knows at least one couple whose love just seems to defy all odds. It looks like it should never work out, and yet somehow it does. Maybe for most of us, most of the time, love alone won't be enough. But it seems worth it to at least try, right?

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