Who Wears the Pants?

Yeah, so we were all hooked on The Apprentice this spring, too. But it made us wonder, who's the boss when it comes to love and relationships? Does He call the shots, or is She really in charge?

We ask: Who's the boss in your relationship?

He Says: We share the power, mostly.

Stock photo for article.I think most modern men share the power in the relationship these days. I'm certainly not out telling my woman where we're going, when, and how she should dress. There are some things that are definitely under my control - whether or not someone fixes the leaky sink, for example - but it balances out with the things she takes care of.

She Says: That's just what I let you think.

Stock photo for article.I'm not sure things are as "modern" as He says they are. I think, when you get down to it, most men probably think they're at least a little bit in charge. And I think women are the ones actually with the power, just letting the guys think they're in control. Sure, he might have control over minor matters, but since I decide when and if and how he'll be having sex with me, I have complete control of him.

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