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Q: My husband and I have been married for ten years. We have two beautiful daughters, ages 12 and 14. The other night while we were playing a family board game it dawned on me that my 12-year-old is closer to my husband, whereas I guess I am closer to my 14-year-old. I donít see that as being a huge problem, but it does concern me when I think that my other daughter usually goes to my husband whenever there is a problem. I guess this has been a thing for quite some time but only now am I realizing it. I want both my kids to come to me when there is a problem. But every time my 12-year-old has an issue, she always goes to my hubby. When I try to chime in, itís as if Iím being ignored. My husband thinks it cute. I do not. -Nikki, 35

Dr. Anna: It seems that a child having two trustworthy parents in her life is a good thing. Why is it important which of you she chooses to go to for advice? Whatís really upsetting to you here? Sit down and take a look at your own emotions. Are you feeling worried that she doesnít trust you or worried about your relationship with her? Consider that the more you try to push her to open up, the less comfortable sheís likely to be. Open communication is built on a sense of trust and safetyópressuring her to talk to you or pushing yourself into the conversation between her and her father is likely not going to help. If you want her to be comfortable with you, work on creating a safe, trusting space for her and let her know you are available for her when she needs you.

Anna Charbonneau, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, stress management expert, and author. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or struggling to make changes in your life, Anna can help. Read her complete bio!
Dr. Pamela Chollet has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and Master degrees in educational psychology and fine arts. Her passion has been helping people face and get through those times when they feel trapped and unable to move forward. Read her complete bio!
Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., is a social psychologist, relationship expert, and bestselling and award-winning author. Her books include Loving in Flow: How the Happiest Couples Get and Stay That Way, and Kylie's Heel, a novel for adults. Read her complete bio!
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