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Poetry: New Love
If i didnt have him
by Jessie Benson

What would I have
If I didnt have him?
I would still have my clothes,
but why dress up if he's not there to see me?
I would still have my bed,
but why bother trying to sleep,
when he's not there to hold me.
I would still have make-up and perfume,
but he wouldnt be there to see how beautiful I look.
I would still have my music,
but it wouldnt sound half as sweet
when he's not hearing it with me.
I could still dance,
but who would I have to dance for?
My friends would still be here,
but no one can makes me laugh like he does.
My family wouldnt leave me,
but they dont listen or understand the way he does.
I could still make money,
but what would I do with it
If I couldnt spend it on him?
So, what would I have
If I didnt have him?
I would still have my life,
but with out him, it looses all meaning.

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