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Poetry: New Love
by Dark

a good friend's suggestion, my adamant, but still slightly receptive nature, and one of my business cards, were the first introductory links to the connection you and I were about to make with one another. Then your email arrived and I was enthralled by your words and you captivated me and my dark sydde and my being. You were what I had always wanted. I could tell this only from a few first writings from your soul, because your attentive nature was shining through as you reached out and talked to me, with some of the sweetest words ever spoken to me.
The newness of the adventure was just what
the doctor had ordered. It became evident that this
was no fly by night encounter when I felt a spark
on our first meeting; and then the meeting after that. At the onset we also experienced obstacles that first appeared as if they were ending what we started, but persistency and honesty prevailed, and we have grown to love one another with such passion, that I fear losing you. I miss you when I am with you, knowing that for now we must part at the end of the day; but thankful that always at the other end of the telephone, computer, or at the end of the street, you are there smiling. You have such a beautiful demeanor and smile. I get such
chills when I chance just a thought of you. I grin happily so much out of character now, that I don't always recognize myself. People close to me are noticing the difference. This is rather good. You have helped me to see things in my life that could change a tad or which could use some work.
You care in depth for me, that at times I find it a challenge to accept your love and thoughtfulness for lack of it in the past; for at last there is LIGHT at the end of the DARKsydded tunnel where I spent most of my time in limbo, regretting much of a not so good past that I had somehow created. As cliche as that sounds, it is so true, and what is most certain is the fact that, I love you!

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