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Poetry: Life Long Love
A Spiritual Walk Through Life's Journey
by Lydia Herrera

As I walk through my journey of like, I look above to him who gives me Love, he guides me everday to see what may get in my way, he gives me strength to go on with my day, he gives me strength fo go on with my day, I keep my head up high always remembering that he is in my heart to stay, as I walk each and everday he shows me a knew begingin of my life because the journey I take is never the same, it all concludes at the end of the day, as I wake to another day he leads me by my hand and gives me another chance to make a better journey all though the day, I count everything he has shown me today and I give him thanks for all he has done, the brightness of his Love and the daily walk I have with him I always look forward for the begining of my day. He is the one whoc can make your day worth living and I will surely keep him in my heart to stay so he can guide me through this journey I must take.

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