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Poetry: Friendship & Soulmates
My Friend
by Em

My best friend was mine
Until that stormy night
When everyone left
Then the end came
We didn't see it coming not at all affright
The laughing of her throat that unforgotten voice, stumbles in my head
As that night began
I wonder if I could have changed my greedy say in saying how much I wanted to play

That game of luck was mine to win
Not knowing what was coming it began anyway
Why are we lying here alone that turn on my stomach was a throne?
But I still feel the cries and the silence of the night when I was there but couldn't hug her when she wasn't there
That cell phone game on how much we wanted to race
The cars at home in the windy road
Her laugh on the phone
My win of joy
3 hours late
I think she hates

Driving back to find my way
Not thinking of her painful wait
Still thinking of her laugh and how much I wanted a hug
I left her behind when I thought she was mine
I said my goodbyes as I started to cry
My sins of prays
Her golden blond hair
Her blue gray eyes
That unexpecting smile
Her moody ways
Our games
She'll never be replaced
That best friend was definitely mine

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