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Poetry: Bitter Poetry
weaping willow
by josh

the weaping willow cries
and the tears halt on her cheek
she doesnt wipe them away
just lets them hang
slowly drying
slowly dying inside

the weaping willow cries
as he filters out the lies
and tries
to sepperate the smiles that override
the feelings you hide inside

pearched up
under a weaping willow
a man hangs
on the branch next to me
hanging on
to his last thread
of life n' rope
which will snap first
his neck or the rope

a man hangs
on the branch next to me
the weaping willow hangs on
and hangs me out to dry
he falls free, and i hang
on for life n' truth
wich will come out first
my neck or the truth

the weaping willows
branches hang to the ground
and i realize
there's no reason to choke
just put your feet on the ground
and walk away
walk away

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