The Sillouette(for Brigid & Colin)

I wake and wipe the sleep from my eyes
Through blurred vision I see your sillouette
Standing in the open balcony doorway
Soft tufts of hair bouncing in the breeze
Morning sunlght glimmers
Off the bulge of your chest
Casting ever larger shadows
On the bedroom floor
I stretch and rise, sitting tall in my bed
Feeling the gentle morning breeze caress my face
While songbirds sing their morning seranade
Suddenly your scent fills my senses
Oh how it overpowers my soul with desire
How I long for you to hold me
How I need to feel your touch once again
How I hunger to hear your voice calling out my name
While gentle yet strong armshold me
CLose to the beating of your heart
I step from my bed
And turn to face the world
Anticipating the delight
Of yet another glimpse of your form
But the doorway stands vacant
Curtains blowing soft and free in the breeze
How empty is my heart, How lonely is my soul
For these shadows , these illusions of you
Now swept away without a sound
Are those I hold only in my memory
Gathered long before you and I did part
Lost forever except

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