Stoned Silent

Twenty-four hours, seven days a week,
Thats how it started.
Thats how its ending.
Have you forgotten love poured down on us like rain,
a shower of hopes and dreams come true?
Now there is nothing left.
I'm drowning in puddles of loneliness and pain.
I can't move my feet,
they are trapped in this place.
My head says move.
My heart says stay.
What do I do?
How do I move?
Words echoing in my head,
once blissfull comfort,
now nothing but taunting words.
Words of pain, discomfort, torment.
Why do you hurt me so?
Why dont you love me now?
Clouds are rolling in.
No longer raining love, but tears of pain;
Scaring my cheek,
marking me damaged goods.
Will i ever be ok?
Will anyone ever want me again?
I'm choking on my words,
on my hopes and dreams.
You stole what I valued most.
I'm left with nothing but regret.
How did I love you?
Where did I go wrong?
You can't answer my questions.
Your stoned silent.

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