The Boy With Brown Eyes

In the middle of the night, high up in a room,
The boy with brown eyes awakes with a boom.
The boy had a dream, he dreamed with brown eyes,
In this boys dream he had his eyes on a prize.
The prize was a girl, with eyes of grayish-blue,
In the dream she had said: "I’m waiting for you."
The boy had liked girls before, but never like this,
One day in the past they had shared only one kiss.
One kiss, but still the boy with brown eyes often awoke,
To find it was the blue eyed girls’ voice he heard spoke.
He now lay in his bed, wishing she were there,
But in a new way, rather clothed than bare.
To hear her voice, to smell her smell,
He longs for her to abandon her shell.
The boy with brown eyes is nowhere close to her perfection,
Her eyes as beautiful as the ocean, her lips sweet as confection.
But if she were there he would know not what to do,
For whenever she is near, his brain sticks like glue.
Now, late at night he decides to write his feelings in poem form,
His poem is not so good, much crappier then the norm.
It speaks of her immense beauty, rivaled by her mind,
There was not one thing about which she wasn’t kind.
The boy with brown eyes wasn’t anything amazing,
Not like the girl, with every feature blazing.
The blue-eyed girl had more experience in every matter,
If she spoke of her past, the boys’ confidence would shatter.
Whether the girl felt the same way, the boy did not know,
He feared if he asked her, then away she would go.
Even though the boy did not shine like the girl,
He knew he could spin her life awhirl.
When the girl with blue eyes said that she loved another,
The boy dreaded he would be doomed to be the proverbial brother.
It was unfair; the girl was forced to suffer because she was great,
She did not deserve it, her suffering made the boy irate.
The end to this poem about a boy has not yet shone itself,
Can you tell me this story’s end, so it can be put on a shelf?
The boy with brown eyes only wants the girl to be glad,
But why when he says this does she get so mad?

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