My Heart's Many Holders

My heart felt so high when you held it in your hands.
I was so warm, comfortable, like this was the place I was meant to be.
But I felt your grip on it begin to slip, to loosen.
The one day, somehow, I felt like it had fallen.
And a crack appeared; my friends noticed.
They knew where it came from.
But they were silent.
Somehow, one day, he caught it.
His grip was not so strong as yours, but he held me still.
I was warm and comfortable again.
Then, I fell again.
It simply slipped out of his hands.
And, almost immediately, I was caught again.
My heart was in someone's hands again.
His grip, also, was not so tight on my heart as yours was...
and as I finally realized, still is.
But it pains me to know that you don't realize the grip you still have on my heart.
You never let go.
No one can ever hold me as tight as you have.
Don't let go, please.

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