You Ought To Be in Pictures: How to Have Fun with Film

If you're looking for a sexy gift for your sweetie, but can't break the bank on expensive lingerie or pricey romantic dinners, look no further than your birthday suit and your camera. Bestowing your beloved with some hot photos of your gorgeous, naked self makes not only a sexy memento for your lover, but can serve as a quick reminder that they're bedding a total sex god or goddess.

If you're feeling nervous, try these tricks to assure your pics are ogle-worthy.

Flatter Thyself

Put your best foot forward. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical, so spend some pre-photo time will a mirror and figure out which is your "good" side. For a touch of class, using black and white film will make anyone look like a fantastic piece of art, not to mention disguise a multitude of sins. And what you can't disguise, hide. A long scarf, a fluffy towel, or silk sheets can be wrapped around or draped over problem spots while still leaving plenty of sexy skin exposed.

Be a Poser

Pick up some magazines or catalogues to check out poses that look appealing to you. One sexy - and universally flattering - pose is to lie on your stomach, facing the camera, with everything else in the fuzzy background. For the strong, powerfully sexy look, press against a wall, pull on your headboard, or master any move that makes your muscles flex. Or try this classic pin-up pose. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, and watch your stomach flatten.

Call in the Professionals

If photography isn't your thing, call in the pros. Check your yellow pages for someone who does model shoots for local department stores and make an appointment. Or better still, let your sweetie play photographer and snap some shots yourselves. What those pics may lack in quality, they'll make up for in the memories they'll hold.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Can I lick that film off your teeth?
  • I can't wait for tomorrow. I get better looking every day.
  • Like my butt? I love yours!
  • Hershey factories make millions of kisses a day, but I'm asking for only one.
  • Your name must be Campbell 'cause you're Mmm! Mmm! Good.