Got Game? 5 Plays for a Sexy Sleepover

Everyone knows first impressions are important. So if you plan ahead, your first night of nooky could lead to many more. By using a little finesse, you can turn your first great pass completion into a winning season.

Winning Game Play #1: Make Her Comfortable
When your couple chemistry tells you sex and a sleepover are in the game plan, play it smart. Kick off the evening with slow, sexy kisses that will pump up her endorphins. When she takes a quick time-out to freshen up, let her see your thoughtful side. After using the fresh towel, facecloth and toothbrush you set out, she'll be more confident during your close encounter. Now's the time to dim the lights to ease those moves into the "comfort zone."

Winning Game Play #2: Be Prepared
She doesn't want you to be a Boy Scout -- but be prepared. It should go without saying that a player needs his glove -- so keep plenty on hand in case you earn a repeat performance. When things get sticky, she'll appreciate those tissues you stashed by the bed.

Winning Game Play #3: Follow the Leader
Don't rush the pass - allow plenty of time for foreplay so your honey forgets that awkward first-time-together feeling. That is, unless she wants it fast! If the tension's at pressure-cooker level and she wants things to move along quickly, by all means follow her lead. Let her set the tempo -- whether she's in a tease-me-first or gotta-have-it-now mood.

Winning Game Play #4: Whip Up Sweet Dreams
After the deed is done, warm up the cool down with some skin-on-skin cuddle time. Speaking of cooling down, don't be surprised if her body temperature and sleep style differ from yours. Stock the sideline with plush blankets and fluffy pillows and put her to sleep with a smile. A nightlight won't hurt either -- and could help when navigating a sleepy sexual replay.

Winning Game Play #5: The Morning After
If you're dreaming about a hot wake-up call, prime her with coffee, bagels, fruit, whipped cream or whatever will boost her energy level. A good impression here can lead ... back to the bedroom for overtime!

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