Did You Fall for the Faker? Then Get Real.

Feeling like a sucker for falling for a woman who wasn't what she appeared to be? Did she approach dating as if she was the Holy Grail and you'd better pray for access? If she was dependent on looks or false impressions to attract partners, then you'd better look closer before teaming up with her type again. Here are some clues to help you make smart choices in the future.

Recognize the Player ... and Land the Winner Instead.
The player says whatever it takes to acquire the target. "My friend just left me - to hook up with her loser ex-boyfriend! I guess I'm going to have to get a taxi home." When you feel sorry for her and help her out, she moves things along fast. She realizes you're just her type - a guy she can manipulate. But the next day, all is forgotten. She's got other things to do. Instead, try talking to the subtle, sultry woman who takes her time getting to know you ... and is worth the effort.

Guilty of Being a Sucker for Style? Go for Substance.
Did you fall for a woman at the bar who dresses with style but doesn't know how to carry on an intellectual conversation? Try a different place to meet potential dates in the future. Maybe a bookstore or university lecture. Find a hobby you want to explore or develop and perhaps you'll meet like-minded women (or at least a woman with a brain).

Beauty Only Skin Deep? Seek Inner Beauty.
Does she look great but spew lies and misleading information? Does her story change every time? In the movie "John Tucker Must Die," the less-popular and less-stunning brother reveals that his mom says he's special on the inside. Who do you think wins the girl in the end? In the long run, you'll connect with a gal with a big heart more than a woman with big, um, "assets" and a big head.

Don't Lose Hope. She's Out There.
If you begin to feel that an honest woman with real interests who takes care of herself doesn't exist anymore, keep the faith. She's wondering the same thing about guys. Keep enjoying your friends, your family, your personal interests and your sports - sooner or later you'll meet a woman you can really warm to rather than a hottie who's only naughty.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Would you kiss me on our first date?
  • Smile! It's the second best thing to do with your lips.
  • I only thought about you once today--I just never stopped.
  • Wanna come over to my place and play poker?
  • I haven't taken my pills, but you work just like Viagra.