White Lies Can Burn Red Hot

The variety of dates you can find on match-making websites is mind-blowing. But the variety of lies you'll find in the profiles you encounter is even more mind-boggling. Why do people think the bait-and-switch is acceptable online?

Exaggeration Excuse #1: “I twist the truth because everybody else is doing it.” When people realize they are in competition with others of their gender who are lying to get dates, they tell themselves that they'd better follow the philosophy: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” In other words, survival of the fittest really means survival of the best self-marketer.

Exaggeration Excuse #2: “I feel younger than my chronological age.” People who feel younger want to get noticed by people who want someone younger. “People tell me I look 10 years younger than I am” translates to “so I'm going to tell prospective dates that I'm 10 years younger than I am.” Using those old photos from 10 or 15 years ago is setting yourself up to disappoint your dates.

Exaggeration Excuse #3: “Being separated is just like being divorced.” When the separated date seeker checks the “divorced” box, it's because he or she knows that some prospective partners don't want anything to do with the unresolved marital issues that a separated person has to deal with. They feel that the ends justify the means. By overstating their legal freedom, they attract a much bigger range of potential honeys. And why wait for the legal decree when they're almost as free? Right? Wrong. If you haven't made the legal break, you've got a lot of emotional ties to dissolve as well.

Exaggeration Excuse #4: “I worked out once this week, and I'm starting to get back in shape. So ‘athletic build' is a valid description.” You know when you're a legend in your own mind, don't you? Misrepresenting yourself with photos from when you were thinner and less gray says that you're not happy with who you are now. So if you're not happy, why should your new date be happy with you?

When so many people are lying, discerning daters start to feel that it's impossible to find someone who's honest. Then they start to feel like it's okay to exaggerate too. If you're a truth twister and not a straight shooter, then you're starting a relationship off on flawed footing. You really think a relationship can recover from that? Good luck finding solid ground and building a strong foundation for the future!

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