How to Look Cool in a Casino

Chicks Dig Guys Who Show Style When They Play

Here's an important fact. About half of the people who gamble in the U.S. are women. That statistic holds true in every age range. In other words, you're just as likely to meet a hottie in a casino as in a club. And in a casino, she even might be able to hear your witty banter. A casino can also be a great place for a date. Consider all the entertainment options that are available in one place: shows, restaurants ... even a hotel! Hey, love is a gambling game, and you want to win. So if you're with a date, or you're just looking for one, here are some tips to help you make a good impression in a casino.

Dress the Part

James Bond preferred a tuxedo. You don't need to be so elaborate. But you should definitely ditch the jeans and t-shirt. Ditto for the cap. Unless, of course, you want a rapper-from-the-hood look. That's cool, too. But whatever your style, dress for a casino like you're going to a better club. And a little bling doesn't hurt. Put the product in your hair, wear the better shoes. It's no secret that chicks dig guys with money (no matter how much they say otherwise). So dress like you have it.

Play the Right Game

Slots are a solitary contest. They're the casino equivalent of self-gratification. So get the big handle out of your hand, stop pushing that button, and get over to a table. Pulling chicks in a casino requires a group experience. Blackjack and craps are the most popular table games. But any table game will do. Pai gow poker is a favorite with women. The good thing about craps is that a crowded table gives you an excuse to spend a lot of time squeezed up against your date (or your potential date). And when she throws the dice, you get a glimpse of heaven!

Act Like a Pro

Another James Bond trademark is to look like you know what you're doing. Put your money down on the felt; never hand it directly to a dealer. Know the rules of the games, and use the right phrases and actions when playing. For example, never give the dealer verbal commands at blackjack. Always tap the table for a hit, or wave your hand for a stand. Put out the chips when you want to double down or split. Learn the lingo and the intricacies of craps. It looks major-league cool when you take odds on a come bet that's waiting for a point while the dealer is pushing you chips from your last win. And of course, you should tip the dealers from time to time (the equivalent of one half of your standard bet every quarter hour or so, more when you're winning). And know that a tip is called a "toke" in a casino.

Winning is Cool, Losing is Nerdy

Every game has a strategy, even roulette. You can't always win, but you can certainly give yourself a better chance of winning. And that will give you a better chance with the ladies. Use "basic strategy" when playing blackjack (which includes always splitting aces or eights). Fold all Caribbean Stud hands that are lower than a pair of twos. Bet on banker when playing baccarat. Read a few books on gambling strategy. Most important of all, you want to leave the table with chips. Nothing screams "Loser!" like leaving empty-handed. Happily, you don't have to be a net winner to look like one. Just buy in big (much more than you intend to risk) and leave before you lose it all. Yes, this will take some discipline. But be honest... At some point later in the evening you were planning to be in a situation where you would "hold back for a while and not blow it all immediately." Right? So you might as well practice that mental technique at the tables, too.

Enjoy the game!

Basil Nestor is the author of 'The Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling'

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