Plan a Fabulous First Date

You've found a girl you want to impress and she's agreed to go out with you. Where do you take her and what do you do to make sure it's a successful encounter?

There are several aspects of the experience to consider when planning a fabulous first date.

The Activity
Be sure you plan an activity that allows for time to talk but not too much. A movie's not so good--you wouldn't have a chance to chat much. A cup of coffee or a drink would be a short opener. But what if you hit it off and you want more time together? Then you invite her to lunch after the coffee or dinner after the drink. Or if you tend to be a bit shy with a new lady, you could plan some kind of sports match with drinks after. That way, for example, you could play tennis and build some rapport during the match. Then once the ice is broken, you could cool down with a nice glass of wine and have a more intimate conversation.

The Atmosphere
No matter what you choose to do for the first date, you'll want to be sure you arrange for an upbeat, lively atmosphere, but not too noisy. If you go to dinner and the restaurant is too quiet and empty, for example, the conversation can be stilted and awkward. However, if it's too noisy, you'll be saying "what?" after every other sentence or smiling and nodding when you have no idea what she just said. A warm, friendly atmosphere will make you both comfortable but give you enough breathing room to verbally and emotionally connect.

The Wrap-Up
If all goes smoothly, you'll have a few exciting hours getting to know each other and want to spend more time together. If possible, plan a wrap-up option that allows you to end the evening with a slightly romantic twist. Maybe it's a walk on the waterfront or a cozy spot for dessert. Or maybe it's just a chance to walk her to her car and give her a warm hug and a nice kiss goodnight. Leave her with the impression that you're very interested and willing to take charge to show her, but that you respect her boundaries on the first date. That will leave you on strong footing for the next step, and possibly the one after.

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