Get Sexually in Sync

No matter how great in bed you are, if you and your sweetie are out of sync sexually, no one's having all that much fun. It takes two to tango, after all, and carnal compatibility is a big factor in what makes a sizzling sex life so hot. Here's how to fix your three biggest complaints.

Incompatible Complaint #1: Your sex drives are out of sync

Few sexual problems are as big as disagreements on how often to make love. To solve, think about what you want out of your sessions in the sack and what's making your sex drive's engine rev or stall. Then talk about it: A little flattery may make your reluctant partner more receptive to your advances, or - if you want your lovin' a little less frequently - you can explain that by turning down sex you're not turning down them. That should give you the means to reach a compromise, either by satisfying your desires through more foreplay and cuddling, or pleasing your partner in other ways.

Incompatible Complaint #2: Your fantasies don't fit together

When your honey is a little reluctant to try out your wildest fantasies, the trick is to make them, well, a little less wild. Try showing up in bed wearing a sly smile and holding up a silk scarf, instead of scaring your sweetie with the stainless steel accessories. Whenever your partner is even relatively close to doing what you want him or her to do, slather on the praise. If you want things to be a little rougher, for example, compliment any hint of a take-charge attitude. Finally, if you're the brazen type, set up negotiations with your sweetie and cut a deal. You'll try your lover's craziest fantasy, if they indulge your erotic whims. Promise to try anything once and keep only the things that you both enjoy.

Incompatible Complaint #3: Not in the mood at the same time

Maybe you and your honey are happy with the amount - and variety - of sex you're having...if only you could agree on when to get it on. If you're too tired for pre-bedtime bonding, have a little coffee after dinner (not too much, though, you don't want to be jittery or not be able to enjoy the post-sex snoozing). Experiment with different times of day to compromise: before work in the morning, on your lunch break, on a lazy weekend afternoon. Who says you have to do it at night?

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