Inexpensive Wardrobe Updates

There's no need to buy all new clothes each season. They'll never add up to what can be pulled off on a budget. If you have the following items at your disposal, you'll always look hot. Luxury is in the details. Every mogul will tell you that.

Hat. A dapper hat adds mystery and draws attention to the face. It can dress up and accentuate any outfit. It shows that you care about detail, that you've considered everything before leaving the house, even if you haven't.

Cashmere socks. You may not have the money to buy piles of cashmeres, but that doesn't mean it's off limits. Cashmere socks are inexpensive and feel damn good. Besides, buying them gives you the opportunity to toss the holey white gym socks you should have abandoned in the eight grade. Shame on you. You need to be setting an example.

Italian leather shoes. People notice footwear more often than one might think. You can always find a great pair of designer dress shoes on sale, you just have to be willing to look. The different between looking homeless and looking rich is often as little as $40.

Coat. Invest in a new one-it's worth it. There is nothing worst than covering perfectly good clothes with a worn -out coat. After all, you wouldn't give a birthday gift without first wrapping it. A great jacket makes a statement, no matter what you're wearing underneath. You'll look put-together even when running out for the morning paper.

Dress shirt. In a world where everyone dresses down, the guy with the dress shirt stands out. There's something refreshing about a pressed dress shirt. It's sophisticated and grown up, and it shows that you take pride in appearances.

Sunglasses. Sunglasses offer star power like no other accessory. You could be sporting nothing more impressive than yesterday's jeans and t-shirt, but if you pair them with a cool pair of sunglasses you immediately change the look from frumpy to trendy.

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