5 Ways to Be a Good Wingman

5 Ways to Be a Good Wingman
By Georgia Lasure

OK, so you've made plans to go out with your buddy who recently broke up with his girlfriend. You've got an important role to play - it's your turn to be the wingman and help him meet hot prospects. Handle the evening well, and it can pay off for both of you.

Get her talking...to him.
When you're the wingman, your job is to point your buddy in the right direction and clear his path. The pressure's off for you, so put yourself out there a little more to get the social vibe going. You can approach the girls or draw them over, then find ways to get his target talking ... and shift her attention to your not-so-fearless leader.

Be funny, but not too funny.
Crack jokes to ease the tension between your guy and his potential girl. But give him some straight lines too - let her know he's got a sense of humor too. Tell stories that make him look good - like the time he played the hero instead of the time he got arrested. Warning! It's easy to get caught up trying to impress the girl yourself. Remember - you're putting the spotlight on your best bro, not stealing the show.

Distract the distraction.
Your buddy has his eye on a girl, but her friend keeps getting in the way. Time for you to step in. Take her girlfriend out on the dance floor - even if she moves like she's on fire and it's ultra-painful! If you're desperate for conversation, get her talking about work or her latest fitness routine. You might need some coffee to keep from yawning - that's OK. Do whatever it takes to keep the friendly blocker focused on you - you want to leave the field open for your bro to make his move.

When he moves in, you move back.
When your buddy and his new female friend start to hit it off, make excuses to leave them alone. You need a drink. You need to make a phone call. You might even need to leave to "rescue another friend" or "because you don't feel so good." Just make sure your friend is really ready to fly solo - a wingman never abandons the formation until the target is locked in.

Take in the big picture.
Think of this evening as money in the bank. You're the wingman this time, and he'll back you up next time you're in search of an attractive target. Take pride in being a team player and helping your bro reach the ideal altitude.

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