Women's Top Sexual Fantasies

Women may not be as turned on by pornography as men are, but the visual images in their heads sure get them hot. Before you read further, remember that what a woman fantasizes about isn't necessarily something she wants to happen in reality. Fantasies are safe. Reality isn't always. Here are most women's top 6 sexual fantasies:

  • Getting it on with a coworker. Women, more than men, are aware that very bad things can happen if you have sex with a coworker. So unless alcohol is involved, they often leave office sex to their imagination. So if you catch a woman staring at her desk, she may not be thinking of a report she has to do, but rather having hot, raunchy sex there with a colleague.

  • Being watched by a voyeur. Women get off on the idea of being watched, and lusted after, by unknown persons through a window. It's why Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window was so popular.

  • Having sex with multiple people. Sometimes in her fantasy they're strangers, sometimes people she knows. Sorry guys. Just because she fantasizes about this doesn't mean she wants to get it on with another woman in reality.

  • Having random sex with a stranger. In this fantasy, she's walking down the street, and randomly stops to willingly have sex with a tall, dark, unknown man.

  • Being tied up/tying someone else up. S/M (and fantasizing about s/m) is about playing with power in a relationship.

  • Being videotaped. Like the voyeur fantasy, she may visualize being caught naked on camera, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Why do you need to know what's going on in a woman's head? Because maybe it's something she'd like to try in reality (ask first). Or maybe it's something she wants you to talk dirty about while you have sex. A woman's fantasies are certainly not limited to these six. Each woman has her peccadilloes. No matter what a woman dreams up, she's not a freak.

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