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Are you the type of guy who's always getting your buddies into trouble with their wives, bosses, and kids? Or are you the type of guy who's nothing but a good influence?
1. You and your buddy are having a good time at a bar. His wife calls his cell phone and wants him to come home. You ...
Convince him to have two or three more with you.
Try to find out why she wants him to go home, and then help him decide what to do.
Tell him to hit the road.
Call her back and apologize for causing any potential trouble.
Tell him to tell that hag to keep her trap shut.

2. Your friend gets two tickets to a football game. They're for the weekend his brother-in-law is in town visiting. You want to go. You should ...

Convince your friend to let you go with his brother-in-law.
Help him evaluate whom he'll have a better time with.
Encourage him to take his brother-in-law.
Ask his wife what to do.
Convince your friend to lie to his brother-in-law and take you instead.

3. Your friend finally slept with the girl of his dreams. He asks you when he should call her. You ...

Tell him to wait 48 hours.
Tell him to do whatever he feels like.
Hand over your cell phone so he can call her ASAP.
Send her roses but sign his name.
Tell him to wait at least 5 days.

4. You have access to an awesome summer cabin, but the person you want to take has to work one day, cutting your weekend short. You ...

Tell your friend to call in sick.
Tell your friend to do whatever's best.
Encourage him/her not to do anything that might cause trouble.
Insist that your friend go to work.
Make your friend call in sick.

5. It's Saturday night. Your date doesn't want to party too much or stay up too late because she has a big day coming up. You ...

Take her to your favorite bar.
Suggest you see an early movie.
Ask what she'd like to do.
Suggest you don't go out at all.
Order her a shot. She'll be fine.

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