Some years ago, a woman came over to repair one of my appliances. She had stopped by a bit early, so I wasn't prepared for her. I was dressed only in a towel as I had just finished showering. I apologized for not being dressed, to which she replied, "I don't mind." I let her in. As I was showing her the appliance that she had come to repair, with my back to her, my towel fell off. I tried in vain to grab the towel and cover myself, but she had seen my butt. After a brief gasp, she said, "Well, I REALLY don't mind now!" We both laughed and I apologized. She said, "Don't apologize. It's not every day that I get to see a good looking naked guy!" We both laughed again. Her words had really turned me on, and I could tell by the way that she was looking at me that she was turned on as well. As she repaired the appliance, I told her that I was going to get dressed. As I walked back to the bedroom, I noticed that she was checking me out. She was older and was average looking, but this was quite a fantasy! I decided to tease her a bit by leaving the bedroom door open while I dressed. I had a nice hard body at the time and was not self-conscious about showing it off. As I took off my towel and walked around the room gathering my clothes, I could see her watching me. She wasn't getting much work done. She seemed especially interested when I turned to face her. I smiled as she tried to look away from my package. I put on a pair of shorts, making sure to let her notice that I wasn't wearing underwear. At the end of her repair visit, she thanked me for the best repair visit of her career. She said she hoped I would call her for repairs again. She did visit one more time, but that's the subject of another confession!

— Kent, 30