No Guilt About It

When I was thirty, my first wife and I had just separated. We were still getting it on regularly. It was mostly just a convenience thing, but who am I to complain, right? Anyway, I started dating before she even moved out. At the time, I was dating this nineteen-year-old hottie, Marie. Anyway, Marie and I went out on a Saturday night. She slept over, and we had an awesome four-hour sex session (she was a hot little tramp!). The next morning, she woke me up with some awesome oral, and then I banged the daylights out of her again. She worked in retail at the mall, so she had to work at noon. So, she left to stop at her house for a shower and change of clothes around ten. At about 11:00, the ex calls and says, "I'm horny. Mind if I stop by?" I tell her to come over, I'm still in bed, and that the door's open. She shows up, we stay in bed all afternoon, and we have like three sessions. Anyway, she leaves at around 5:00, and not half an hour later, Marie shows up on her way home from work. She says, "I'm so hot after this morning's sex!", and we do it a couple more times before we fall asleep. I get to work the next day, now Monday, and the guys say, "You look like hell. You ought to get more rest on the weekend!" I reply, "Hey, I was in bed most of it!" I don't know if this is a confession or not because I sure don't feel guilty about it!

— Orphie, 38