Stealing Her Panties

I stole my first pair of panties from a girl we used to hang out with when I was sixteen or seventeen. I loved to use them to masturbate with. Thinking about these sheer panties on her hot little body gave me ripping orgasms. Since then, I have stolen probably fifty pairs whenever the opportunity presented itself. Any decent-looking woman might get her panties swiped if I get the chance. I have stolen panties belonging to neighbors whose homes I watch, my buddies' girlfriends' and wives', the laundry in my dorm at college, you name it. The stealing of the panties is almost as exciting as masturbating into them. I don't wear them; I have never had that desire. The bonus comes when I see these ladies and know I have pleasured myself on their panties. It's a good thing that they can't read my thoughts!

— Raul, 28